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Where you are Somebody!

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We are humble to serve in HWC. We truly understand that our purpose and call is to imitate the true servant of all, Jesus Christ.

Our heart’s desire it to become like Him and to always have the people’s interest at heart. We are focused on being pleasant, caring , courteous, accommodating and available to all members and guests.

We are the first to make a great impression!

A message from our Ministry

We welcome all members of every ethnic group to come and serve in God’s house.

By providing and environment for those whose life has been radically changed to serve.

We support the mission by helping to maintain order in God house so that people can enjoy their experience with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Supporting HWC

Ministry Leaders

Pastor Rosa Macharia,


Elder Karen Darby,

Ministry Head

Minister Leroy Hargrove,


Sister Beth Hunt,


To serve God, and His people,  and maintain order in His house