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A message from our Ministry

We are behind the scenes interceding for the Vision, Purpose and Mission to be fulfilled. Through consistent prayer, we are spiritually breaking down all barriers and walls so that God’s will for Horizon Worship Center is manifested.

Supporting HWC

Ministry Leaders

Pastor Rose Macharia, Overseer

Elder Tometra Hargrove, Ministry Head

Elder Rickey McNeal, Assistant

We are “wall breakers”. Using the Word of God and believing Him to intervene in every situation, we pray for all by pulling down everything that rises against the power of God. We truly believe that prayer changes things and a church is only as powerful as its prayer ministry.

We are focused on breaking down all walls that the enemy and life has erected against us. We believe prayer and intercession is the very foundation for a church ministry. We thrive on the Word of God because it carries authority; it rules, controls and is powerful. It is creative; able to change the atmosphere. It is effective; it accomplishes everything. It is dynamic; generates power. It is permanent; eternal not temporal. It is practical; to be obeyed and used, not just considered. By praying God’s word back to him, standing in faith and believing Him, we are determined to break down walls and barriers that hinder Christians from experiencing true intimacy and an abundant, prosperous life in Christ Jesus.  

“The true secret of life power is using divine weaponry in every environment”