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The Horizon Worship Center’s Children’s Ministry is a ministry set apart for God’s purpose and use. We are here to impact the lives of all children, to train them in the way they should grow in the Lord. It is our mission to provide a solid foundation for every child so they may build upon it as they carry out their purpose.

We shall provide a caring and loving environment for all children to be safe and comfortable in sharing their thoughts and feelings; plus, an exciting atmosphere for learning the Word of God.

The Children’s Ministry will play a vital part in children’s lives to cause them to learn about Jesus and love Him.

A message from our Ministry

We support the HWC mission by embracing and extending a warm welcome to all children from all ethnic groups.

We support the HWC purpose by making such an impact upon children’s lives that will cause them to change.

We support the HWC mission by creating an atmosphere for young children to learn about Jesus.

Supporting HWC

Ministry Leaders

Pastor Cheryl Brown,


Elder Katherine Brown,

Ministry Head

Minister Telesia Jenkins,


The Children’s Ministry includes: